Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pizza went well

Sorry guys! I'm late yet again... So on Saturday I had two slices of pizza, AND, couldn't resist dessert which was a chocolate almond covered vanilla ice cream bar (like Häagen-Dazs). So yummy! I didn't really get any stomach pains right after like I normally would, and didn't over eat which was key. The next day my fruit shake and meals didn't "work", but I was back to normal by Monday.

Overall, not too bad of an experience, so at least I now know that I can on occasion treat myself. It is required for sure.

You just get so depressed not being able to eat cheese or bread. On Sunday I got my hair done, so I snacked on a lot of hummus and pita. I allow myself to whole wheat pita bread on occasion.

On Monday I went out for lunch at Mongolian Village. I love that place, and I definitely had ingredients(the sauces) that I'm not supposed to have. I just didn't eat too much of it and was fine.

Oh I've stopped drinking coffee this week, it's my new challenge. It's going pretty well so far. At least I'd only drink 1 cup per day. I've been eating tons of chocolate covered almonds to compensate though. :I

Oh another new thing this week is the addition to kiwi in my shakes. It's a fresh new taste.
Oh yesterday, you'll laugh. When making my morning shake, I grabbed my chocolate almond milk and proceeded to shake it up really well. Unfortunately for me, the lid was not on properly. I got chocolate milk EVERYWHERE, and this was in the morning before going to work. It was all over my favourite white blazer, all over the kitchen floor, counters, cupboards, it was a real mess, and not one you want to contend with in the morning. Ugh.

It was a bad start to my day yesterday but I just shrugged it off and laughed. It WAS pretty funny. Needless to say I was way later than usual to work, but, no one noticed, which was great.

Today I was too lazy to make a shake so I just brought my half of mini-watermelon to work and ate it with a spoon. Still works!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tonight I'll be headed to my in laws, and they're ordering pizza for everyone. They offered to order something else from the menu for me, but the chicken pieces are breaded and everything else is junk. The only thing that I could possible eat would be blah salad with boring ingredients.

SOOOOOOO, I'm making an exception and will be treating myself to some pizza tonight. I cannot wait! At the same time, I fear the after effects. I will let you know how it goes.

Now to decide what board games to bring...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shake-up Wake-up

So this morning I had quite the interesting experience...

As you may know, every day, I prepare myself a fruit shake before work. I'll typically use watermelon, strawberries, and some frozen cranberries. I then add some various vitamins for a healthy boost. (Side note: I cannot stress the importance of watermelon if you have any incontinence issues- it works!)

Today's shake included watermelon, raspberries for a change, and mondo genetically enhanced(assumption) strawberries the size of my left fist. I say left because thanks to a childhood injury, my left arm/hand is a bit smaller than my right.

In addition to the above fruit, I usually also add some of my chocolate almond breeze. Well today, when taking my vitamins out of the cupboard, I saw the Omega-3 capsules and thought: why not add that to the mix?

Why not indeed.

Well, my first taste test/sip this morning went like this:


FISHY!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!!!

If it wasn't the most disgusting aftertaste I have ever tasted, especially after a fruity start. SO GROSS. The worst part has to be the fact that I still forced myself to drink most of it, because I need the morning shake effects(i.e shake up my insides, yo!). The essence of fish just lingers and lingers, it is horrible.

I chugged it Survivor-style as much as I could without gagging, then proceeded to drink as much coffee as possible thereafter.

I will never make the mistake of adding Omega-3 gel capsules to anything else EVER again. Do not do the same thing!!

I'm starting to really get grossed out all over again writing this, because I'm currently trying to eat my lunch (leftover stir fry - Chicken, zucchini, red peppers, green peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, almond slivers, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Then I added avocado and Frank's Red hot sauce once re-heated)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well I sort of fell off the wagon regarding discussing my eating habits. While I have NOT gone off the wagon with the actual habbits, I grew bored of always stating what I eat as it's nearly always the same thing. How boring? Even so, I appologize because I've seen some of you returning only to find that I've not updated in over a month.

I'm still not eating any cheese. It really sucks, but to be honest, I don't really notice or crave it much anymore. What I really miss are condiments. Mmmm PC Chipotle sauce, mmmm ketchup, and mmm mayonaise. Oh how I miss you all. I also miss Subway, I miss McDonalds, and I miss pizza. Goat's cheese is tremendously missed as well. :( My husband always manages to keep me on track unfortunately (but thankfully).

My dinners are typically delicious at least. I swtich up the fresh vegetables, choose a meat (usually chicken or steak), cook it all in teh wok with butter, then add almonds and other various nuts.(Note that I always cook the chicken seperately then add it). What I have refused to abide by is the full on 'no carbs rule' because I definitely lost weight that I did not need to lose. I've gained it back now, so I eat my stir fries with brown rice, and occasionally treat myself with brown rice pasta. To my meals I also usually add avocado and Frank' Red Hot sauce. I love flavour, so I'm very thankful that Frank's uses natural ingredients.

When I don't feel like making another stir fry, I'll usually have a filet of fish, either haddock or Sole because I like the mild flavours, then have steamed veggies on the side.

I also sneak chocolate covered almonds at work.

Even though our groery bills have been higher with all the fresh ingredients, and the odd organic microwave dinner (Amy's Brown Rice Bowl and Amy's Gluten Free Lasagna), we've been saving by not eating out anymore. Eating leftovers and hot meals at work is always pleasant, but unfortunately has me constantly working at my desk without taking any real breaks other than the trip to the microwave. Oh well, productivity is good I guess.

The probiotics seem to be the main cure for my IBS in addition to my early morning fruit shakes. I find that on weekends, when I don't have a shake quite as early in the morning, or instead, opt for the allowed scrambled eggs, nothing moves in my intestines, lol. I just don't get it. Why can't I have a normal system!??

I've slacked on taking the vitamin C all the time and the Glutamine, but when I remember I add it to my shakes even though I'm supposed to have it on an empty stomach. Whatever.

That's pretty much all that been going on, and I have been keeping up to date again with Stuffed Ashes.

Thanks for listening,


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today, on the ball

Okay, so it's been taking me much too long to get both back into this blog, and back into the phase 1 of healthy eating. I'm slowly but surely doing that 'diet' thing again, but it's much tougher this time around. Maybe because I don't have a reward at the end? Who knows.

Since returning from Mexico I've tried to eat according to the rules. The only thing is that I haven't managed to let go of sweets. I've been sneaking spoonfuls(huge ones) of Nutella, eating dried cherries, a chocolate bar or two, and sugar in my coffee...

One other thing that I've decided to do, is not forgo brown rice. I need a little bit of carbs, I mean i got so skinny right before my trip, and luckily gained it back thanks to all the drinking and eating.

Yesterday this is what I ate:
Breakfast, a few strawberries, and a black coffee with sugar. Make that two black coffees with sugar, a friend did a Starbucks run at work. For lunch, I'd brought leftovers of the stir fry goodness I made the night before.
In the stir fry, I had chicken, almonds, sunflower seeds, and tofu I roasted in butter, red pepper, onions, green beans, bit of broccoli, bit of carrots, and tomatoes. Once all cooked, I separately cooked some brown rice. n my bowl I added avocado, and frank's red hot sauce for the ultimate dish.

I had leftovers of this again for supper. At night, I found a snickers bar in my suitcase from Mexico(from the free fridge mini bar), and I ate it. We brought back some delicious coconut rum, and I also made myself a drink with the coconut rum and ginger ale. Soooooooo delicious!

So that pretty much sums up yesterday's meals. They aren't so bad, other than the alcohol and sugar...
Another thing I need to get back into is the gym. I've done NO exercise whatsoever since returning. I feel really really lazy, and am getting soft.

Sorry for the stall in posting, I will try to keep it up again from here on out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Days to be restarted...

So it's my last night in Mexico, and I'm writing to say that I really haven't eaten that badly this trip. Given, I have indulged on more than one occasion, and that's not taking into consideration all the alcohol I've drank. Not that I was drunk every day or anything...Pfft, who does that?

So anyway, throughout the trip I had ups and downs as far as stomach pain. I stayed away from eating cheese for the most part. Luckily, real Mexican cuisine doesn't use much cheese at all. I definitely ate lots and lots of guacamole, but also ate some French cuisine, Steakhouse, lobster house, many buffets, and of course; tons of Mexican delicacies.

There was also a tapas restaurant at the second resort we went to. One of the chosen items was a platter of cheese. I'd avoided it until the waitress imposed it on us. It was divine, but I only had small bits of each kind.

I may fill you in more on my eating habits from my trip some time when I get back.Perhaps the gory details will be fun, providing I can remember it all!

When I do get back, sadly, late tomorrow night, I will have to face reality once again and start to eat properly to fix the damaged I caused in paradise.

I'm going to have to restart the phase 1 part of the IBS healing diet. This time, I will keep certain carbs such as brown rice, because I really lost too much weight that I didn't need to. Mexico has helped in that respect too.

All in all I've had a wonderful time and have met some terrific people. Reality will bite, but I think I'm on a much healthier path where I'll eventually be able to eat as I please in a moderate manner. Taking probiotics has seemed to be an integral part of not totally screwing up the repairs that I'd started. I did have to rely on Senekot S twice.

For those that are curious, at Stuffed Ashes I will review the resort(s) I stayed at during my trip. It was a superb adventure, and much more of an adventure than we'd planned, which turned out to be awesome.

Hasta Luego!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day ? Mexico

Quick post to say that I'm eating pretty badly here in Mexico, and am feeling the consequences...Ugh.

I'll post soon with more details.


Friday, February 11, 2011

This week and Next

I have been incredibly busy to be able to update in the past few days. This will not change, I am leaving for my vacation this weekend, and may try to update you while I'm away, or may not. We shall see.

That being said, I'll be back to regular writing on Feb 22nd, whatever 'day' that is.

Thank you all for the support during this difficult time for me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 20 no cheese, day 8 IBS healing diet

Yesterday was the second day that I was technically off the IBS diet due to a work trip. That being said, I tried really carefully to still try and abide by most of the rules.

For breakfast, all that was available were croissants of different types. The platter was decorated with 3 strawberries, and I managed to take one. I also had a coffee with sugar in the morning. Midway through the morning, I was quite hungry. If you can recall the Dempster's Healthy Way squares that I used to eat regularly, well, I still have about  of them left. They are expired, but don't smell or taste bad. I've been hanging on to them for emergencies. They're just dry. At least, I think that's the only thing wrong.... :I

I ate one of those mid morning because I'd forgotten my probiotic. You need to eat with probiotics, so that's why I did so.

I just realized something. I messed up. Last night, I'd written about the meals I'd had that day, instead of the prior day. Woops! I had been drinking :I
So the meals I had yesterday, was what I'd written about last night.

In the salad that I'd chosen for dinner, I added sun dried tomatoes. I didn't think of that at the time, but I don't think they fit within the guidelines. The other bad thing I ate yesterday was that one huge chocolate chip cookie, and I never mentioned the little mousse dessert square I'd eaten after lunch.

I've been trying to recap my meals again from yesterday, because for the past 3+ hours, I have been having extreme sharp pains in my lower abdomen and I don't know why. Was it the 3 glasses of wine? Was it the cookie, the cake, my sugar black coffee, or the white bread I was forced to eat? I don't know... it just really sucks, and I don't have any Advil to 'de-flame' anything. I could also be that my body's trying to release the last bit of "poison" still had in those intestines. I still don't feel 'normal' or 'empty'. I really hope this pain goes away soon. My lunch today was slightly better health-wise, and I did not have dessert, nor did I have any sugar in my coffees. I should probably forgo the coffee altogether as per the rules, but it's never hurt me before.

Still in lots of pain. I will tell you about what I ate all day today- tomorrow. Sorry I messed things up and technically didn't tell you about one day's eating habits. They were not that great actually, but not horrible.


Day 19

Very short post, since it's quite late and I'm tired.
For those that need a recap, I'm out of town on business, and thus cannot fully abide by the laws of devil IBS-C diet.

Breakfast: 1 small croissant (bread!!!!), 1 large strawberry, 1 coffee no milk, 1 sugar.

Lunch: Chilled grilled eggplant and artichoke, leafy green salad with a balsamic dressing, and 1 mini roast beef sandwich on a white baguette. The sandwich was just roast beef and a piece of lettuce, thankfully. The bread was like heaven at this point.

You guys should have seen the beautiful cheese platter on display in front of me!! I can't believe I didn't even take one piece. This is like a miracle. The old me would have filled her plate and suffered for it. So crazy, mind you I did not venture up too closely; I kept my distance.

Oh. In the afternoon I had 1 evil fantastic chocolate chip cookie. It was divine, and if no one was in the room, I'm certain that I would have made noises as I ingested it. SOooooo good.

For dinner, I met up with my lovely second cousin, and went to this awesome salad chop place where you select your lettuce type(me = spinach), then chose a variety of vegetables, meats, eggs, basically anything you can think of that could go in a salad, and they add it for you. They then mix it all up, then ad your dressing of choice. Balsamic for me. Delicious. I added chicken, green peppers, strawberries hard boiled eggs, artichokes, geez I can't remember the rest. Basically I was able to eat according to the rules, minus the dressing. I don't really know what they could have added to the balsamic dressing, but, at worst there was some sugar.

I managed to take all my probiotics today. Thankfully, that did not interfere with my wine drinking. Oh, was I supposed to mention that?

Woops! So I had a few glasses of vino. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 18 - Felt better! (other than being sick)

Yesterday was much better. I had my watermelon-cranberry-strawberry shake in the morning, and got better... You know what that means in this context.

So! I'm thinking that it's really the probiotics that are making the difference. If that's the case, then, hallelujah! I can't wait to start eating normal food again. No, I won't binge eat the bad foods that I know I really shouldn't. Everything in moderation. I think that throughout this so far I've really come to learn my lesson. Via suffering, no less.

Overall, due to my cold yesterday, I wasn't feeling that great. Thankfully my abdomen was feeling just fine. For lunch I had some leftover dinner from the night before, and I was actually looking forward to it. It really was a delicious stir fry, I think the seeds and nuts add something special to it that I'm not used to. Of course, I still could not help but to have some more Frank's red hot sauce.

This is going to sound boring, but yes, I had the exact same leftovers again for dinner. I really didn't mind. There was enough flavour in that meal to have me wanting more.

I also did a nice workout at home yesterday. (2 reps each).I did some backward double lunges with two 25 lbs, criss-cross lunges-15 each leg, backward leg-lifts 20 slow each leg, bicep curls with 15 lbs, don't laugh -3 chin ups!(twice, remember the 2 reps each thing?), tricep dips(just using the coffee table),  bench press with 2 15 lbs, thrusters with 2 10 lbs, and wide-leg squats 40 reps. I think that's it. I ran on the spot for all of 2 mins before starting, just to warm up. I'm sure I looked like a fool running on the spot staring at my aquarium, but it worked.

In the evening, I didn't snack. I tried to go to bed early because I wasn't feeling well. The workout actually took place before dinner. I wouldn't have been able not to eat afterwards, lol. I also packed frantically in the evening because I left it to the last minute like I usually do. I think I made it to bed by 11:20. Not too too bad. My suitcase is definitely too heavy for 3 nights, but whatever. I had a laptop and a bottle of wine in it, so those are my excuses.

Night night!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 17 Sick

Did I mention that I have a cold, too? I didn't. Well, I've had  sore throat for around 3 days now, and it's gotten worse. You know when you're sick and you want nothing more than comfort food? Yeah. Me too. Sigh.

Yesterday I ventured into the eggs category for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with green peppers, a little bit of jalapeño and banana peppers, organic herbs, and I had it with a bit of Frank's Red Hot sauce. That sauce only contains 'normal' ingredients. Dried chili peppers, onion flakes, garlic, vinegar, and salt. That's it. It's really not that bad. The bowl of eggs was a nice change, although I'm sure the Frank's played a big part in it.

I still wasn't feeling any better yesterday as you can imagine from my miserable post. My probiotics were not taken at the proper moments, so that may have attributed to it. It's easy to forget to take them with food! I think of them when I'm not eating. Ugh.

I finished the fresh strawberries for 'lunch'. That's all I ate. I was discouraged and didn't even want to eat.

For supper, I made myself another healthy stir fry of sorts. I started off by toasting soy beans in butter. That was sort of fun, because they pop a bit. For my ingredients this time, I used chicken, zucchini, a bit of leeks, collard greens, spinach, green peppers, and a bit of jalapeño and banana peppers. I also added almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds(the green ones). The stir fry was pretty good because I added a lot of organic herbs to give it more flavour, and some freshly ground pepper. To my plate I had a little bit of Frank's red...

Last night I started to feel really dizzy when it was time to make our Sat night snack. I was cutting up my avocados and nearly passed out. I really think that carb-lessness is not good for me. I don't have enough 'spare' energy, i.e fat. I think that it is more common for people with weight problems to have IBS, and so his suggestions also help them lose weight. It isn't good for me. Because I was about to pass out, my husband continued to make my guacamole for me, via my instructions while I sat at the table with water. He also fed me a few multigrain tostitos, which actually made me feel better. I had to cheat on that one, I was really not feeling well. I'm also taking Cold FX to combat this cold so that I won't feel like shit for my work trip next week.

I went to bed totally bloated again, and woke up the same this morning. I still wasn't feeling any better(still constipated), until after my large shake this morning. We'll see how the rest of this day goes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 16 Miserable

So yesterday was Friday. There's no excitement for any days anymore. It's always always shitty. I'm sick of this BS diet 'health' crap. I don't want to do anything, or go anywhere. On top of it, I'm still not better. Yesterday and today, constipated again. Sorry. Gross, I know.

What did I eat?

Breakfast: a smoothie with cranberries, strawberries, honey dew, and watermelon. Yay. I also had 1 cup of black coffee with 1 spoon of illegal sugar. Maybe that's why I'm still not well? Who knows.

Lunch. I had another salad with spinach, avocados, cucumbers, pecans, sunflower seeds, a dollop of guacamole, and almond slices. I used the bad dressing again. It was delicious, but again, it's not supposed to be had I adhered by the 'laws' of IBS-less-ness.

The problem with this diet too, is that I don't have freaking time to always be chopping stupid vegetables, and de-thawing meat. I'm clearly just ranting right now, but I'm very very annoyed with it all.

For supper I had rock sole again, but didn't' over cook it. I hadn't marinated it or anything, just cooked it in a bit of butter. On the side I had grilled zucchini again. It's so very unsatisfying. I'm losing weight and I don't want to!

At night we went to the grocery store, I bought some more fresh ingredients, including fresh strawberries. I ate some strawberries as a night time snack. Oh. I begged for 1 chocolate covered raisin that my husband was eating. He gave in. I ate it. It was awesome.

Maybe Day 18 will be better? I know that Day 17 isn't, because that's today, and clearly I'm not in a good mood. Day 18 is Superbowl Sunday. You know, the night where everyone gets together and digs into delicious greasy finger foods. I should just stay home. It's going to suck having to answer to everyone why I'm not eating anything. Why is the skinny girl not eating? Um, because she can't. :(

I forgot to mention that I took  my probiotics and two of the 3 vitamins throughout the day. I cannot find Quercetin yet, but haven't checked at all vitamin stores.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 15 Overcooked fish

Breakfast: Smoothie with cranberries, strawberries, honeydew and watermelon. I'm still not tired of this smoothie, thank God. Otherwise, I'd have to cut up fruit and eat them. So little options on this damn Phase 1 of healing!

What has been annoying so far is the fact that I have to prepare food in the mornings. I am not a morning person, so this has made me a little late for work. Thankfully, no one seems to care, so long as I stay my whole 8 hours.(Or leave after everyone else does, which is typically the case, lol)

Yesterday's lunch followed all the rules, but one. I made myself a spinach salad with avocado, guacamole(the one I made- just a dollop), cucumbers, pecans, sunflower seeds, almond slices, and pumpkin seeds. The cheating part is where I added my favourite fig balsamic dressing, which contains sugar. I knew that I could have easily prepared myself a dressing without sugar, but, I wanted that flavour. So I shook it all up in a tupperware, and indulged. I made sure to have my probiotic.

After work I went to the mall to get my vitamins, then went to the gym. After warming up on the bike, I focused primarily on my upper body with three reps of each of the following: bench press with free weights(2 15 lbs), bicep curls (15 lbs again), dips on the machine(my weight minus 60lbs-whatever that is), and back pulls on the machine(45 lbs). I also did a bit of legwork, with leg curls on the machine (70 lbs), then hamstring curls on a large workout ball. It was an overall lazy-ish workout, because my friend and I were both hungry. No kidding what with salad for lunch.

For dinner, I'd marinated some rock sole in some balsamic, olive oil, and lemon juice. I pan-fried it. The package said to fry it for 2-3 minutes per side. Because it was dark from the balsamic, I couldn't really see if it was cooked. I didn't trust the package(I should have). I cooked it too long. It was definitely not the texture that I would have liked. Much too dry. On the side I fried up some zucchini in butter(salted shh). I also had some guacamole, and ate each bite of fish with it, since the fish was dry. I also had another probiotic, but didn't get around to opening up my vitamin powders. I felt unsatisfied from that dinner.

Later that evening, I finished my red pepper hummus. The one that's not really allowed, but that should be. I ate it alone. So weird the things you do when you're restricted. I didn't feel like cutting veggies to go with it, so I used a spoon  my finger.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 14 - 2 weeks, can you believe it?

Yesterday it really hit me that the food I was eating was extremely boring. I had a few pouting moments in the evening. Luckily my morning shakes are delicious, so at least I have one thing to look forward to every morning. It's not fun at all though.

So for breakfast yesterday, I made sure to take the time in the morning and shake it up, with cranberries, strawberries, honeydew and watermelon. It's actually a really delicious mix with plenty of flavour. I also took a probiotic.

I still cheated in that I still had a coffee at work. I took it black, but added a 'lil sugar. :I

You guys, I'm actually noticing the difference finally. Phew! There's light at the end of the tunel.

For lunch, I still had leftovers of my really leek-y mix. I was a little embarrassed heating it up in the microwave because it smells quite strongly, but no one seemed to notice. (phew). In the afternoon I snacked on a few seeds.

Doesn't that sound pathetic? Snacking on seeds? Lol.

For dinner, I'd forgotten to thaw the rock sole I wanted to have, so luckily I still had some leekiness. You know what I did to it? I cheated just a tiny bit. I still had some red pepper hummus, so after I heated it, I added a heaping spoonful of it, and mixed it all together. I'm sure that sounds disgusting to you, but it made a world of a difference. I'm a person who really loves flavour, so even though hummus is not necessarily recommended. There are NO additives to it, the only ingredients that are questionable are the chic peas(no mention of them in IBS book so I have no clue), and the salt. Oh, and who really knows what "natural smoke flavour is". I didn't care. It helped. I took another probiotic with dinner.

Later that night, I made some fresh guacamole. I chopped some onion, a small tomato, a bit of jalapeno(he didn't mention spicy peppers, just said I was allowed peppers, so I say some spicy ones can't hurt me). I mashed up my avocados, added my vegetables, oh, and some minced garlic, and lemon juice. I also cracked some pepper on that shit.
I ate my guacamole with a spoon. Not all of it, in fact I had some again today, and still have some left; but I didn't want any more bell peppers, so I ate guac with a spoon for a snack. Yum.

Oh yes. There was also another moment of weekness yesterday after work. My husband bought himself a box of mini gingerbread men with red sprinkles on them. They are tiny. I'm talking 5 cm by 2 cm, and are fairly hollow(cheap). I ate 1. I couldn't help it.

I was too lazy to go and buy my vitamins last night, but did so today. Will discuss tomorrow.

Good Night!
(sorry this is so late. Too busy playing LoL)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 13

So as you know from my post yesterday, not only have I given up cheese, but I am now undergoing a healing diet so that my system can get back to normal. I will then be reintroducing foods slowly, according to the guidelines of my IBS help book. It's going to be a big challenge, but I'm really trying.

I will find it difficult next week, because I have to travel for work. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I could buy my own food during the day, but I can't because it's a planned conference with meals included. I'll have to pick and chose, and not eat the bread, etc. I think I'll get funny looks, especially since I'm skinny. We'll see how it goes. I mean, if there's really nothing I can eat without having to 'cheat' then I'll just have to 'cheat' cuz THIS girl ain't starving herself. I wonder how well avocados travel in a suitcase? It's only a 2 hour trip...

So yesterday was the first day of this 'Phase 1' diet. It only started in the evening though, as I hadn't gone to do any groceries etc. Yesterday morning I  still had a coffee with milk and sugar in it. I also had a smoothie for breakfast, which contained the same ingredients as the evening before. Blueberries, Strawberries, cranberries, and honeydew melon. The only thing that would not be allowed from that now, would be the blueberries, oh, and perhaps the cranberry juice added.

For lunch I had Pad Thai from Thai Express at the mall. I added a ton of hoisin sauce to it, some lemon juice, and some crushed peanuts. I hadn't had this in a while, so it was a good treat. I asked for medium spice, but it really wasn't spicy enough. I find that it is give or take with that place. Sometimes you ask for medium spice, and it's VERY hot spicy. Other times, it's much too mild. Oh well. Still flavourful. I think my favourite part about eating Thai express is their little food boxes. They're so cute!

I went to the grocery store, and it was quite the quick trip. Everything I needed was in the fresh produce section, and the meat aisle! That's it. I bought lots of vegetables in the 'unlimited' categories.

At home I made my stir fry, which consisted of the following: Leeks, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, and AAA grilling steak with no visible fat. I fried it all in butter. Now, here's where I cheated. I used salted butter. I couldn't help it, I needed SOME good flavour... I think that's still really good. Oh, I also grated some fresh ginger root and added that, in addition to fresh ground pepper, and a sprinkle of garlic power.

I think I was too generous with the leeks. I figured there really wasn't going to be much flavour, so I put in two leeks(only the stalks, not the greens). The stir fry was quite tasty, but very onion-y because of the leeks, and it definitely had some kick because I added the grated ginger, around 2 tsp worth. I've never used fresh ginger before. I put a lot of butter, so it was very edible, but that's probably not good. Although the book mentions the butter restrictions as a weight thing. I don't have to worry about my weight, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm having it again for lunch, so I'll definitely need gum afterwards. Leaves you with an awful breath. Blech.

I forgot a very important factor about phase 1. Vitamins.

Phase 1 vitamins required:

Vitamin C: 1500 mg 4 times per day (pure nonoxidizable fully reduced and powdered-not chewable tablets, powder to mix with water as tablets harm your teeth enamel and are not recommended. The vitamin C is supposed to reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system.)
Quercetin: 1000 mg 4 times per day (helps the body use the vitamin C properly)
Glutamine: 2 grams, 1 in morning on empty stomach, and 1 on empty stomach in evening(helps speed repair of gastrointestinal lining, and assists in balancing your alkaline-acid levels)
Acidophilus: 2 doses of freeze-dried lactobacillus acidophilus, 3 times a day with food.(this is a probiotic, he recommends to continue the probiotic beyond phase 1)

Phase 2 will be a multivitamin, and he lists what it should contain.

On to the vitamin store tonight. I think that because I'm focusing on healing at the moment, I'm not so worried about my cheese being missing. This is good. My reward will pretty much be my trip in 2 weeks, but once back I'll likely have to do a bit more of phase 1 before moving on to phase 2.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 12 New Page

I'll talk to you about my meals for yesterday, but then I'm tell you about my new goals. It appears that just cutting out cheese so far has not improved my symptoms. I'm happy in a way, because obviously I love cheese, but at the same time, there's obviously still foods that aggravate my insides, and more importantly, that my insides are damaged to the point where I need to heal completely.

So first off; yesterday.

For breakfast I had my coffee, and the last Fiber One bar that I had at my desk. The very chocolate-y kind that the fiber seems to get lost in. In my coffee I still added milk and sugar, but even less sugar then the day prior. I really don't need that much sugar. I like the taste of coffee and will have the odd dark espresso.
For lunch I'd brought leftover brown rice pasta from the day before, to which I again added a bit of sour cream after it was heated.

In the afternoon, someone had brought in some zucchini loaf, which was very delicious, so I had two small pieces to tie me over until dinner.

Something that I've not been mentioning is the fact that I drink water constantly throughout the days and evenings. At least I try to.

For dinner last night I had the rest of the brown rice pasta dish, because it would have been too old by the next day. This time, in addition to the sour cream I added a bit of chili pepper spice, some garlic powder and fresh ground pepper.

Another thing I've started yesterday was taking probiotic supplements to see if that helps. The pills are very annoying to swallow and you have to take 2 per day along with food. I'm not very good at remembering to take daily vitamins or pills, so we'll see if I can keep this up.

For a late night snack, my husband whipped me up another delicious fruit smoothie. This time, it contained mainly blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and honeydew melon. It was very delicious.

A few years ago when I'd first learned about my IBS-C condition, I'd purchased a book called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About IBS" by Richard N. Ash, M.D. A very excellent and informative book.

In this book there is a ton of helpful information about your digestive health, in addition to numerous factors that all come into play to maintain a symptom-free life without the use of meds. In addition to this, there are a few different healing diets, and ways to determine which foods are the culprits to your symptoms. The "diet" I'm going to embark on finally, is the three-phased meal plans that fix your digestive system. Phase 1 should last between 1 to 2 weeks. It includes only 7 core foods that should allow you to repair your damaged intestines, and start with a fresh healthy system before slowly adding more and more foods back into your life. This phase has you add alkaline foods, banish bread, cut carbohydrates, and drop daily completely.

While this will be very tough, I now realize that I should really take care of myself, and not just pick and chose the things that I cut out. I've known these tools and food suggestions for nearly three years, but I've never had the guts to go at it full strength.

So, here I go. Tonight I'll be headed to the grocery store and will focus on the following foods that I can have for these first 2 weeks. I'm not supposed to move onto Phase 2 unless I actually feel a drastic improvement. This will be a bit problematic since I'll be going on vacation in 2 weeks, but, instead of just pushing this off
until afterwards, I'm going for it now.

Foods I'm allowed in Phase 1:

Meat, Fish, Shellfish, and Fowl:

-Fish, freshwater and saltwater, preferably fresh. Canned is not
suggested although if carefully drained in water it is acceptable.
(No worries here, I HATE canned fish bleh)
-Fowl: Turkey, Cornish game hen, goose, chicken, squab(?),
pheasant, and duck.
-Meat: conventional meats (i.e steaks, roasts, chops, etc), but not
those high in fat. All meats should be trimmed of fat. Absolutely

Note: NO pork is allowed.


- Eggs
-Unsalted butter(shucks darn)
- Goat's milk.

Note: No other dairy or cow's milk products.

Nuts and Seeds: 2 Tbsp sized servings only

-Braziil Nuts
-Pumpkin or squash kernels (ooh I have those!)
-Sesame (that'll be weird on their own)
-Almonds (yes!!)
-Walnuts (these always taste poisonous to me)
-Toasted soybeans (oooh you have to toast them!)
-Sunflower seeds (Have those!)
-Hazelnuts (does nutella count?)

I may have unlimited quantities of the lowest-sugar(3% carbs) and lower-sugar(6% carbs) vegetables during phase one. I can also have a limited quantity(max 1/2 cup per day) of low-sugar vegetables (10% carbs).

Lowest-sugar Vegetables(3 % carbs)
-Bean Sprouts
-Beet greens
-Chicory (?)
-Chinese cabbage
-Olives (huh!Likely not the ones basked in oil)
-Parsley (a vegetable, really?)
-Dill and sour pickles (phew!)
-Poke (lol do YOU know what a poke is?)
-Radishes (meh)
-Rhubard, raw (I can do rhubarb, it's sour!)

Lower-Sugar Vegetables (6% Carbs)
-Asparagus (mmm)
-Bamboo shoots
-Cabbage, raw (nahhh)
-Chard (always been curious about chard)
-Collard greens, raw
-Dandelion greens(too bad it wasn't summer, I'd have TONS!)
-Mustard greens (really?)
-Okra (almost Oka, but not quite)
-Green Onions
-Peppers (I hope this includes spicy ones, I'll need SOME flavour!)
-Rhubarb, cooked (that doesn't sound good unless its in a pie with
-Sauerkraut (eew)
-Spinach (nice)
-Turnip Greens
-Water chestnuts

Low-Sugar Vegetables (10% Carbs)
-Green beans, french or wax
-Celeriac (celery on crack?)
-Cabbage, cooked
-Brussels sprouts
-Collard greens, cooked
-Chervil (?)
-Garden cress
-Onion, raw
-Rutabaga (I thought that was an instrument)

Note: Corn, potatoes, sweet pickles, sweet potatoes, and yams are not

No grains whatsoever are allowed during phase 1. Once my IBS symptoms have been eliminated(imagine that), I can add grains one at a time, in the following order:
-brown rice
-Amaranth (?)
-Buckwheat (kasha)
No white bread, crackers, macaroni, spaghetti, pancakes, rolls, waffles, and products made with refined flour are permitted. Boo.

Just like the vegetables, the fruits are categorized into three, based on their sugar content. I'm allowed unlimited fruit in the first two categories, but only 1 serving per day of the last.

Lowest-sugar fruits (7% carbs)
-Avocado (my saviour)

Lower-sugar fruits (10% carbs)
-Boysenberries (where do you even BUY those?)
-Casaba melon
-Cranberries, raw
-Fruit salad (no grapes -that's not one fruit!)
-Honeydew melon
-Mukmelon (?)

Low-Sugar fruits (15% carbs)
-Apples - 1 small
-Apricots - 1 small
-Blackberries - 1/2 cup
-Cherries - 1/2 cup
-Dewberries - 1/2 cup (another mystery berry)
-Elderberries - 1/2 cup (ooh, the wise berries)
-Grapefruit - 1/2 large
-Grapefruit juice 1/2 cup
-Loganberries 1/2 cup (why have I not heard of these either?)
-Oranges - 1 small
-Orange juice 1/2 cup
-Peaches - 1 small
-Pears - 1 average
-Pineapple - 2 slices
-Plums - 2 small
-Raspberries - 1/2 cup
-Tangerines - 1 average
-Youngberries - 1/2 (they're still learning to be elders)

Note: Bananas, grapes, mangoes, dried fruits(oh shit!), and fruits canned in syrup are not permitted.

-Herbal teas and decaffeinated coffees(what's the point?)
-Ginger tea (half a tsp of gingerroot steeped in hot water and strained)

Note: Colored plastic bottles should be avoided, clear is okay. Tap water should be avoided, unless you have a reverse-osmosis water filter(fancy). No alcohol, caffeine, cocoa, coffee, cola, or soft drinks allowed.

Only two weeks. Only two weeks. Only two weeks.

I can do it!

The book also has tips on how to make your own condiments. Woot. There are also some recipes for each phase, and additional grocery shopping tips. There is also a chapter on vitamins, since you'll be receiving less during phase 1, you have to supplement with calcium and others. The book says that I should stick to organic products because food chemicals are a very common factor in IBS sufferers. I need at least 8 glasses of pure water per day. I also have to chew properly, lol. No biting my cheeks, perhaps!

I won't bore you on any more of the details right now, but I thought I'd share the Phase 1with you all, in case you would like to try it too. It certainly cannot hurt.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 11 Ate some more cheese-less food

Yesterday wasn't too bad overall. For breakfast, which was fairly late at 11:30 or so, I had yet another BLACT. I think they're starting to irritate my palate now, so I'll have to give them a break for a bit. It was of course delicious, and certainly tied me off until dinner.

I did however have a snack when I was at the movie theatres with my mom in the late afternoon. I got myself a box of Nestle Raisonets(they didn't have Glossets which I thought was odd). What a ripoff though. You pay over $5 for this box, and it's less than half full. Lame. We saw Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I'll let you know my take on it over at Stuffed Ashes later this evening.

After the movie, I returned home for a quiet evening with my husband. We'd planned on continuing our organization work from earlier that day, but, he instead showed me a new PC game, League of Legends. Big mistake! Now that's all I'll want to do again this evening. It's a lot of fun and I'll tell you all about it some time soon.

For dinner, I whipped myself up a brown rice pasta dish. In it, I put some sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, onions, broccoli, peppers, small bits of carrots, and a few other veggies from a frozen mix. I also added some chicken and fresh basil. Once all mixed together, I added some sun-dried tomato pesto, and to my individual serving, some sour cream to cream it up.

A very delicious supper. These past few days, I really haven't noticed my lack of cheese, which is both surprising, and very good. There must really be some actual addictive qualities in cheese, because the longer it's been, the less I long for it.

Later at night my husband made us a really healthy fruit smoothie. Frozen fruit included cranberries, peaches, and mangoes, to which he added fresh honeydew melon and watermelon. It was very delicious, and not too heavy for the late evening.

I managed to sleep okay last night, but went to bed far too late. This is typical for Sundays as we just don't want the weekend to end!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 10

I almost forgot! Today was a busy day.

Yesterday was Saturday, so a good day overall. Now to try and remember what I ate, lol. I'm pretty sure I didn't end up eating breakfast food, and instead waited around until 11:30 or so to have yet another BLACT. Or was that today? Geez. Oh no, now I remember!

Yesterday morning I had two pumpernickel toasts with butter and Nutella for breakfast. Very tasty.

I'd not slept well again the night before, so I took 2 naps later that day. The first was unsuccessful, but the second one worked out, thankfully. I napped from 1:00 to 3:30PM, and woke up feeling much better. I THEN made myself another BLACT(Bacon Lettuce Avocado Chicken Tomato sandwich on pumpernickel). I'm pretty obsessed, no? They are so freaking good, especially with bok choy as lettuce, and PC chipotle sauce with mayo. I can't get over them.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening were very productive with a full house clean. We had friends over at night, so that's pretty much where our motivation came from. Our suppers were had quite early, so we snacked quite a bit with our friends during our board game and wine session.

I snacked on roasted red pepper hummus with pita bread and pumpernickel bread. I also had some salsa flavored sun chips, which I used to claim I did not like. I like them now that my options for snacks have significantly diminished.

Even later that night, we splurged on some chocolate cream pie by McCain. Just a light sweet little dessert that hit the spot.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 9 TGIF

Yesterday was not the greatest day, mainly because I'd barely slept the night before due to insomnia.
I still went to work all day nonetheless. I've been really busy at work, so I never really got around to eating any breakfast. I did however have a morning coffee to wake me up. With 1 sugar.

My coworker and I went out for lunch as we typically do on Fridays. We decided to go to our local Vietnamese place, and have Pho. Well she had Pho soup, and I had a chicken vermicelli bowl, which is delicious.  Vermicelli is a long thin rice noodle, as it relates to Vietnamese cuisine. The vermicelli bowl is served with marinated chicken, cucumbers, carrots, Thai basil, other greens, and mini delicious spring rolls. All mixed together. Once it's served, you pour over some sweet fish sauce, and I also like to add lots of Hoisin sauce, and some hot sauce. Delicious.

In the afternoon, since it was Friday, I allowed myself to partake in the PM Starbucks run. I got a grande non-fat White chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Yes, I get non-fat JUST so that I can add copious amounts of whipped cream on top. A coworker, being a fun smart-aleck goes: "so, you're replacing 2% milk with 0% milk, so that your total milk fat goes from 37% to 35%?"

Um...Yes! Perfect logic, no?

For dinner, I was eating alone, so I had yet another BLAT. But THIS time, I added something else, I'll call it a BCLAT. What is this C you see? No, not the forbidden C, it was chicken! Leftovers from the store-bought pre-cooked full bird. The chicken added some protein, and really made the sandwich even more delicious.

I was alone pretty much the whole evening since my husband had gone out with work friends. So, I decided it was time for a trip to the LCBO to have some well deserved wine after a long week of work. I got myself some California Ravenswood red Zinfandel. It's superb.

Later that evening I made myself a snack. This time I took a banana and sliced in in half. I then generously spread some Nutella all over it. Soooo divine. You have to try banana with Nutella.

Hey! It's healthy because it contains some fiber.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 8 lots of pouting

I hate when I don't have enough time during the day to post... Such as today. By now, I've totally forgotten my hardships of yesterday. I'll think hard.

Breakfast. Coffee and yet again some more bird food. Are you surprised?

Well you shouldn't be. I haven't been to any stores since Day 6!

I also had a coffee. I tried to only have 1 spoonful of sugar. Heaping, that is. I cheat. But no cheese!!

Sugar is apparently horrible for IBS as well. Life really isn't fair, is it? I'm still eating sugar, the hell with it. I say 1 spoon less per week day is good.

Lunch time. Oh yes, I once again had leftovers from that great Asian stir fry I cooked up. It's all gone now. There was a bit left, but it became cut off as of yesterday. I don't like leftovers for more than 2 days. It was only a bit of waste, I think I'm still reasonable.

I went to the gym after work, finally. It had been a long while. Don't get me wrong, I'd still do the odd weights session in my basement, but my gym buddy was on vacation, so no cardio was had. I'm not one for gym-ming it up alone. Except of course in my underwear in my basement. My point about the gym? Well, I nearly passed out! I don't think I had enough protein or energy in me. I blame the lack of cheese.

Come dinner time, my husband brought home a cooked chicken from the grocery store so that we could have wraps. What was he thinking? I can't have a wrap without cheddar!? Just as I was unfriendly on the phone with him, said gym buddy offered the idea of tzatzicki. Hey! You know what? Tzatzicki sounded just about right. Plenty of flavour there. So I told him to get us some, but he's BETTER NOT get the kind that's made with sour cream. Eew. It has to be made with yogurt. Well. He couldn't find the right kind. So, after the gym, I made it home quickly enough to go right to the grocery store where I was sure he still was. Sure enough he just finished at the cash. I walked right to where I knew they had the yogurt kind, and picked it up.

I win!

So I had a whole wheat chicken wrap with tzatzicki, bok choy, avocado, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, and some grilled asparagus. It was very good I must admit.

I didn't have any snacks later that night. I was pretty grumpy over all yesterday evening. Not fun to be around I'm sure. I moped on how life sucks without cheese. I was more-so concerned with the fact that I'd never be able to convince my husband that I was allowed to have cheese again. He managed to reassure me otherwise. Somewhat.

I went to bed early, then had insomnia until 3:45AM. Note the late night post. It really wasn't pleasant, I totally jinxed myself with my "good sleep" comments the day before. I managed to put in a full work day today, and didn't stop, either. Let's hope red wine will do the trick for tonight.



Well, I have jinxed myself with the sleep comments. Insomnia has attacked me again tonight. FML. It is 3:16AM and I'm been trying to sleep since 10:30.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 7 Already 1 week of suffering

Wow, I can't believe I've made it a week already. That being said, I still have not felt any better. I've been constantly bloated. Not fun at all. I wonder if something in my bird seed mix causes bloating, because I've been eating a lot of that. It's quite tasty, actually.

Yesterday morning, was another too busy for anything but coffee and bird seeds once again.  I was pretty much munching on my bird food throughout the entire day, actually. No one seemed to mind while in our 3 1/2 hour meeting yesterday. Ugh.

Yesterday's lunch consisted of leftovers from my stir fry supper on Day 6. It's a great lunch, and I was happy to not have to leave the office to go and buy food again. I received a 'smells good!' comment too.

When I got home, I really didn't have a clue what to eat. Hadn't I planned anything? Oh right, I'd wanted to prepare Thai Chicken burgers, but the store didn't have any ground chicken available.

When in doubt? BACON.

I had a delicious pumpernickel BLAT again. BLAT = Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomatoes. The lettuce is actually bok choy and spinach, though. I really like bok choy. I also added S&P, PC's Chipotle dressing, and some Helman's Mayonaise.

The pumpernickel bread is quite thin, and not as large as your typical bread slice. At least this is the logic I used when convincing myself that at 9:30 PM I needed yet another BLAT.

SOOOO tasty!

The problem has been that every night when I try to sleep, I am super bloated. It has not been fun at all, and even with my typical IBS-C bloating bouts, this is unusual. The good thing out of this? I've been trying some deep breathing exercises to try and combat said bloating, which has actually been helping me fall asleep! I've had a full night's sleep every night so far since quitting cheese.

There better not be a correlation there people, or I'll be pissed.

I'm associating this more towards the fact that I've been breathing through my stomach. I haven't mentioned this here yet, but usually I'll get severe occurrences of insomnia every few weeks for a few nights straight. It's horrible, so I'm thankful for not having had to deal with that recently.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 6

Wow, I cannot believe that I've nearly made it a week! Technically since today is day 7, I pretty much have.

Back to yesterday. It seems too far away now. For breakfast, I basically only had time for my coffee and a few mouthfuls of bird food. I was really busy at work, so time flew right by. For lunch, I didn't bring anything, and didn't have the time to go too far, so I just went downstairs in our building to the little Chinese "deli", where they have some Chinese cuisine, and odd sandwiches. None of their food I'd consider to be good, but, when you're pressed for time, there are no other options without driving anywhere.

So I got myself a plate of Chinese veggies, chicken fried rice, along with two spring rolls. The only part I enjoyed was the spring rolls. The vegetables were essentially a crapload of strong onions, and the odd broccoli and carrot. Not very good at all. The rice was decent, but only after I added some hot sauce. I definitely didn't eat it all, other than the two spring rolls.

After work, I finally got myself to the grocery store. I bought a whole bunch of healthy items, including vegetables, spices, meat, stir fry sauces, avocados, and bacon; among other things. Those were the most notable.

So for dinner, I made a big stir fry with sugar snap peas, zucchini, sweet onion, bamboo shoots, bok choy, garlic, mushrooms, brown rice, and steak. I added thai peanut sauce, spicy szechuan sauce, and some coconut milk. The coconut milk was on special, but I think I know why...

Is it normal for you to open the can of coconut milk and see a buildup of froth that looks like whipped cream? Then to mix it together and for it to look like curdled real milk? I only added a tiny bit because of that, and didn't save the leftovers. Everything tasted fine, but I've no experience using coconut milk at home. I usually see it in a smooth consistent state(i.e at Mongolian village). Please let me know if you've experienced this with your coconut milk cans. I'd bought two, so hopefully the second one is good.

I can't recall having snacked at all during the evening. It's funny how your short term memory can disappear when you work hard(for once) all day. Oh yes! I'd also purchased some pumpernickel bread, and some roasted red pepper hummus and whole wheat pita bread. I definitely had a pumpernickel toast with real butter last night, AND, some pita and hummus. Actually, we finished the hummus in one sitting, so now I have nothing for the rest of my pita. (Note to self: do not share).

Would you look at that! I didn't even mention cheese. Until now. it helps a lot when you eat Asian which would never incorporate cheese anyway. I definitely still long for it, that's for sure.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 5 A daze

It being a Monday yesterday, I was back at the office. This meant, I got to have my morning coffee with 3 milks and 2 sugars. Oh yeah.

That was the start to my day. I was very busy, so I basically munched on my mix of bird food all morning. Come lunch time, having not done groceries the previous night, I went out to order some Subway without cheese for the first time. EVER.

Usually I'd have ordered a 6-inch veggie sub with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, lots of green olives, pickles, a strip of light mayonaise, a ton of chipotle southwest sauce, and some BBQ sauce.

So yesterday, I got the same thing, but with double bacon. Basically, a BLT. Except the bacon was a pitiful excuse for bacon. I was unimpressed with it, but surprisingly, and maybe because I'd added bacon, I didn't notice the missing cheese! Phew! Thank God, because do you know how often I forget my lunch and opt for Subway? ALL of the time.

On to the evening. Oh yes, the laziness!

We got home after work, and neither of us were in the mood to head back out into the really freezing weather to hit up the grocery store. Once again, my excellent procrastination skills came into play. We didn't go. Due to this, grocery shopping is on the menu for tonight yet again.

What we decided to have, since, as you know, the house is quite void of options for me, was chicken nuggets. With tons of honey, plum sauce, and Frank's Red Wingsauce. Oh, and something funny. I decided to sprinkle on some flax seeds. Why not?

My evening snack consisted of taking my bird food, roasting the seeds and nuts in butter, then adding the dried fruits, and some corn syrup. A makeshift dessert that was quite delicious.

All in all, these past 5 days have pretty much sucked, especially considering the fact that I do not feel any better. My stomach is still incredibly bloated, and constipated. Ugh.

I'd better see some positive results soon!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 4 Bird Food

Another day of longing for cheese. I'd woken up fairly optimistic yesterday, because I knew we were going to go buy ingredients, etc to start supplying the home with decent food that I can actually enjoy.

My first meal was around 10:30AM yesterday. Since we still didn't have any options (at least as far as I'm concerned- foods that don't REQUIRE cheese), I decided to have my favourite snack for breakfast.

This favourite snack is a dip for tostitos. Multigrain tostitos. My dip of choice that I eat frequently whilst sitting in front of the tv in the evenings, consists of a whole avocado, mashed and mixed with salsa, light sour cream, and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I usually also add President's Choice chipotle hot sauce, but we had no more.

So that was my breakfast that was an anti-breakfast. I basically spent the day on the computer waiting for my husband to get home as he had plans that day. It wasn't a complete waste of time, for I managed to find numerous recipes, and wrote myself some detailed grocery lists.

I didn't eat anything else while at home. Once he was home and after a nap, we decided to get out into the frigid cold, and go to both the grocery store, and Bulk Barn. It was around 4:15PM by then, so we were both starving. We first went to Bulk Barn and I got a whole multitude of various bird food. I got myself some sesame seeds, Pepitas(shelled pumpkin seeds), rolled wholegrain oats, barley, sliced almonds, roasted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apricots, dried currants, flax seeds, and a few other seeds etc that I cannot remember right now.

After our Bulk Barn trip we were both extremely starving. So, we decided we would go to the Mongolian Village for an early dinner. Thank God! I love the food at Mongolian village, and nothing involves cheese, so it was perfect. I got just the boost I needed.

Here's what I had in my stir fry served on sticky rice(from memory): red onions, mushrooms, lots of bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, zucchini, shitake mushrooms, 3 dumplings, Australian lamb, sunflower seeds, soy beans, lots of garlic,Thai Peanut sauce, hot sheshuan sauce, hot black bean sauce, lots of coconut milk, and another sauce which I cannot remember. Mmm. At the table I added some Hoisin sauce and a few sprinkles of hot sauce.

Once we left the restaurant and had to walk around the shopping center in the freezing cold to meet up with our car at the grocery store, we were both too lazy to do said groceries. So, I still don't have the foods I need at home, but I'll be taking care of that this evening.

Last night, I once again required a late night snack, so, I ate a lot of my bird food, which wasn't too bad, AND, I once again prepared my mixed dip above. As you can see, I'm fairly obsessed with avocados too, which is totally fine thankfully.

On to my cheese-free meals today which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 3 of misery

Miserable. I think yesterday was when it started settling in that I was actually giving up cheese.

After having gone to bed at no later than 5:30AM(gotta love parties, lol), and waking up but at 9:50AM, I started off the day on a tired, grumpy note. I was snippy, to say the least. All I could think of was what the heck I was going to eat all day, given that nothing in our home is suited to someone quitting cheese(yet).

I'd come up with an idea for breakfast, fortunately, which was to have a delicious BLT with avocado. So I sent my husband to the store to get breakfast for everyone(brother in law and brother, too), and he kindly did so.

Even with my yummy BLT at hand, I couldn't help but stare at their scrambled eggs with added goat's cheese. My mind kept telling me to reach out with a finger, and steal a dollop of it. This is when my snippy-ness started. Nothing else I would eat from then on, was good enough for me.

After a long nap, it was time to eat once again. I decided I was going to have my asparagus soup. That's usually quite good. I checked out the carton only to see that it now had reduced sodium by 25%. No biggie, I'd just have to add some flavour with pepper, and some Frank's Red hot sauce.  (Normally I'd add goat's cheese or old cheddar).

So I added the Frank's and pepper, only to realize that I'd added far too much. The soup was now too spicy. Now, I enjoy some good spice, but this soup was all spice, and I couldn't even notice the asparagus flavour anymore. So I wasted it. I decided I would have something else instead.

I raided the fridge once again, and found fresh spinach. I decided to make myself a salad with my favourite dressing, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fig Balsamic by Kraft. You must try it if you haven't, it's very delicious. So to my spinach salad I added dried cranberries, organic sunflower seeds, and avocado. Normally I'd have added goat's cheese too(yes, once again, can you see the obsession?). Did I mention that while I was eating my soup then salad, I got to watch the guys indulge in a frozen pizza with added cheddar. Really not fair.

The salad was really good, and a flavour that I recognized well, at least. I'm thinking that it's a good thing to try to eat things that I used to, but without cheese. Only the really flavourful things will work out for now though.

Later that evening, a salad not tying me over much at all, it was time for a snack. I decided on sharing a multi-grain Dempster's overfresh baguette, with my friend, salted butter. Thank god for bread and butter.

The plan for today is to do a grocery shopping food extravaganza without cheese. I plan to go through my IBS-C books, and pick out some fiber-filled flavourful sounding recipes, that aren't too time consuming, and don't have any cheese in them. If you have any tasty suggestions, please send them my way!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2 sin queso

Okay so I figured that it makes more sense to post the previous day's eating habits the following day, instead of waiting until late at night after I've finally done snacking. It just makes more sense.

Yesterday. Overall, not so bad.

It took me quite some time to brave the fridge yesterday, for fears of finding delicious cheesy tempting items. By noon I hadn't eaten breakfast or anything, so I finally went down to check things out.

I decided that it was too late for breakfast so I made up a healthy meal. I found some asparagus, chopped it up and fried it with a bit of butter. Then, I found some marinated deer meat.Don't hurt me! My husband's a hunter and the prior night I'd made hors d'oeuvres deer poppers to bring for my dad's birthday. I don't really condone hunting, but it's better to actually use the meat. So, where was I? Oh yes, I found the marinated deer steak pieces, and chopped up some jalapeno. I added that to the pan. I then added some extra frozen veggies, a bit of Imperial Blend, to be precise. I cooked up some brown rice(à la Bistro Express), then added that to the mix. Looking good, eh?
I finished it off with some sun-dried tomato pesto. Once all mixed together and served in my bowl, I added a small dollop of light sour cream.

Delicious! I was really happy, and on top of that, I'd made enough for another meal, so I had it again for supper.

Being Friday night, the food consumption was not over. We went out to a party, and other then large amounts of alcohol, there were snacks served. A HUGE cheese wheel of Brie. Costco sized. Thankfully, there were also crackers, whole grain tostitos, and two different flavours of hummus. Phew! I was saved, but it was very tempting to indulge in that cheese.

The only thing I did have, was two tiny crunchy cheesies, the kind that always come in the trail mixes. Two. That's pretty freakin' good, especially when alcohol is involved.

Today will be tough, because after a night of drinking, I always want to eat a bunch of junk. Cheesy cheesy junk.

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 1 sans fromage

So day 1 was actually yesterday, so I will write two posts today.

Seeing as I have been suffering for years with IBS-C, and absolutely love cheese, why the heck am I doing this now? I had been doing fine for nearly 2 years thanks to these Dempster's Healthy Way snacks which I would eat each and every morning. The bastards discontinued them last month.
So, not being strong enough myself to make this decision, it was my husband who finally said 'that's enough'. Enough complaining. Enough hurting myself and constantly battling with sharp stomach pains to the point where it has affected both of our lives.

This is my struggle. Let's hope I can be strong enough to do this. You have no idea how hard this is for me. I add cheese to everything. EVERYTHING. What's the point of eating a sandwich now? What about pasta? No more grilled cheeses, no more eggs(I cannot have any eggs without having cream cheese on my toast, or an omelet WITH cheese in it). Those battles will have to come later when I attempt to try foods I've formerly NEEDED cheese in. Not yet. I just can't.

So yesterday. After a difficult night right before bed, and a long talk with my husband, it was determined that I should actually give up cheese. At least for a period of 6 months. I think I grew to accept this throughout the night, because in the morning I was feeling okay.
I haven't been a big breakfast eater during the week, so the morning was really no different than any other morning. I had my coffee with three milks and sugar, then had a Fiber bar. I really don't think that these fiber bars work very well, but they taste good and have lots of chocolate in them.
For lunch, since this new non-cheese diet was a last-minute decision, I had a microwaved Indian food dinner. It was okay. So my day yesterday by that point still didn't' feel like I was giving anything up yet. Nothing I ate would have previously required cheese.

On to supper. It was my father's birthday, so we went to my parents for dinner. They served us tacos. TACOS. A food that has always required cheese, and not just a bit of cheese, a huge amount of cheese. Thank god they also had guacamole on the table, because I would have died. I did it. No one actually noticed that I didn't put any cheese in my taco. This surprised me. My family all knows how obsessed with cheese I am. The tacos weren't that bad, but, I certainly didn't enjoy them like I normally would have, but the good part is, I did it. For dessert we had the usual Betty Crocker birthday cake. I had a little glimmer of hope secretly inside, because I knew I'd be getting cheese through the icing. My mom always(As do I) puts cream cheese in her icing. Well wouldn't you know, my my mom actually didn't have any cream cheese, didn't bother going to the store, so the icing had no cheese! You should have seen the smirk on my husband's face. He so knew I thought I was going to get away with it. Evil.

So that's it! Day 1 of no cheese had come and gone. I am at home today, so let's see how I make out because there is a ton of cheese in our fridge...