Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 3 of misery

Miserable. I think yesterday was when it started settling in that I was actually giving up cheese.

After having gone to bed at no later than 5:30AM(gotta love parties, lol), and waking up but at 9:50AM, I started off the day on a tired, grumpy note. I was snippy, to say the least. All I could think of was what the heck I was going to eat all day, given that nothing in our home is suited to someone quitting cheese(yet).

I'd come up with an idea for breakfast, fortunately, which was to have a delicious BLT with avocado. So I sent my husband to the store to get breakfast for everyone(brother in law and brother, too), and he kindly did so.

Even with my yummy BLT at hand, I couldn't help but stare at their scrambled eggs with added goat's cheese. My mind kept telling me to reach out with a finger, and steal a dollop of it. This is when my snippy-ness started. Nothing else I would eat from then on, was good enough for me.

After a long nap, it was time to eat once again. I decided I was going to have my asparagus soup. That's usually quite good. I checked out the carton only to see that it now had reduced sodium by 25%. No biggie, I'd just have to add some flavour with pepper, and some Frank's Red hot sauce.  (Normally I'd add goat's cheese or old cheddar).

So I added the Frank's and pepper, only to realize that I'd added far too much. The soup was now too spicy. Now, I enjoy some good spice, but this soup was all spice, and I couldn't even notice the asparagus flavour anymore. So I wasted it. I decided I would have something else instead.

I raided the fridge once again, and found fresh spinach. I decided to make myself a salad with my favourite dressing, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fig Balsamic by Kraft. You must try it if you haven't, it's very delicious. So to my spinach salad I added dried cranberries, organic sunflower seeds, and avocado. Normally I'd have added goat's cheese too(yes, once again, can you see the obsession?). Did I mention that while I was eating my soup then salad, I got to watch the guys indulge in a frozen pizza with added cheddar. Really not fair.

The salad was really good, and a flavour that I recognized well, at least. I'm thinking that it's a good thing to try to eat things that I used to, but without cheese. Only the really flavourful things will work out for now though.

Later that evening, a salad not tying me over much at all, it was time for a snack. I decided on sharing a multi-grain Dempster's overfresh baguette, with my friend, salted butter. Thank god for bread and butter.

The plan for today is to do a grocery shopping food extravaganza without cheese. I plan to go through my IBS-C books, and pick out some fiber-filled flavourful sounding recipes, that aren't too time consuming, and don't have any cheese in them. If you have any tasty suggestions, please send them my way!

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