Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 18 - Felt better! (other than being sick)

Yesterday was much better. I had my watermelon-cranberry-strawberry shake in the morning, and got better... You know what that means in this context.

So! I'm thinking that it's really the probiotics that are making the difference. If that's the case, then, hallelujah! I can't wait to start eating normal food again. No, I won't binge eat the bad foods that I know I really shouldn't. Everything in moderation. I think that throughout this so far I've really come to learn my lesson. Via suffering, no less.

Overall, due to my cold yesterday, I wasn't feeling that great. Thankfully my abdomen was feeling just fine. For lunch I had some leftover dinner from the night before, and I was actually looking forward to it. It really was a delicious stir fry, I think the seeds and nuts add something special to it that I'm not used to. Of course, I still could not help but to have some more Frank's red hot sauce.

This is going to sound boring, but yes, I had the exact same leftovers again for dinner. I really didn't mind. There was enough flavour in that meal to have me wanting more.

I also did a nice workout at home yesterday. (2 reps each).I did some backward double lunges with two 25 lbs, criss-cross lunges-15 each leg, backward leg-lifts 20 slow each leg, bicep curls with 15 lbs, don't laugh -3 chin ups!(twice, remember the 2 reps each thing?), tricep dips(just using the coffee table),  bench press with 2 15 lbs, thrusters with 2 10 lbs, and wide-leg squats 40 reps. I think that's it. I ran on the spot for all of 2 mins before starting, just to warm up. I'm sure I looked like a fool running on the spot staring at my aquarium, but it worked.

In the evening, I didn't snack. I tried to go to bed early because I wasn't feeling well. The workout actually took place before dinner. I wouldn't have been able not to eat afterwards, lol. I also packed frantically in the evening because I left it to the last minute like I usually do. I think I made it to bed by 11:20. Not too too bad. My suitcase is definitely too heavy for 3 nights, but whatever. I had a laptop and a bottle of wine in it, so those are my excuses.

Night night!

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