Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 9 TGIF

Yesterday was not the greatest day, mainly because I'd barely slept the night before due to insomnia.
I still went to work all day nonetheless. I've been really busy at work, so I never really got around to eating any breakfast. I did however have a morning coffee to wake me up. With 1 sugar.

My coworker and I went out for lunch as we typically do on Fridays. We decided to go to our local Vietnamese place, and have Pho. Well she had Pho soup, and I had a chicken vermicelli bowl, which is delicious.  Vermicelli is a long thin rice noodle, as it relates to Vietnamese cuisine. The vermicelli bowl is served with marinated chicken, cucumbers, carrots, Thai basil, other greens, and mini delicious spring rolls. All mixed together. Once it's served, you pour over some sweet fish sauce, and I also like to add lots of Hoisin sauce, and some hot sauce. Delicious.

In the afternoon, since it was Friday, I allowed myself to partake in the PM Starbucks run. I got a grande non-fat White chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Yes, I get non-fat JUST so that I can add copious amounts of whipped cream on top. A coworker, being a fun smart-aleck goes: "so, you're replacing 2% milk with 0% milk, so that your total milk fat goes from 37% to 35%?"

Um...Yes! Perfect logic, no?

For dinner, I was eating alone, so I had yet another BLAT. But THIS time, I added something else, I'll call it a BCLAT. What is this C you see? No, not the forbidden C, it was chicken! Leftovers from the store-bought pre-cooked full bird. The chicken added some protein, and really made the sandwich even more delicious.

I was alone pretty much the whole evening since my husband had gone out with work friends. So, I decided it was time for a trip to the LCBO to have some well deserved wine after a long week of work. I got myself some California Ravenswood red Zinfandel. It's superb.

Later that evening I made myself a snack. This time I took a banana and sliced in in half. I then generously spread some Nutella all over it. Soooo divine. You have to try banana with Nutella.

Hey! It's healthy because it contains some fiber.

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