Monday, February 21, 2011

Days to be restarted...

So it's my last night in Mexico, and I'm writing to say that I really haven't eaten that badly this trip. Given, I have indulged on more than one occasion, and that's not taking into consideration all the alcohol I've drank. Not that I was drunk every day or anything...Pfft, who does that?

So anyway, throughout the trip I had ups and downs as far as stomach pain. I stayed away from eating cheese for the most part. Luckily, real Mexican cuisine doesn't use much cheese at all. I definitely ate lots and lots of guacamole, but also ate some French cuisine, Steakhouse, lobster house, many buffets, and of course; tons of Mexican delicacies.

There was also a tapas restaurant at the second resort we went to. One of the chosen items was a platter of cheese. I'd avoided it until the waitress imposed it on us. It was divine, but I only had small bits of each kind.

I may fill you in more on my eating habits from my trip some time when I get back.Perhaps the gory details will be fun, providing I can remember it all!

When I do get back, sadly, late tomorrow night, I will have to face reality once again and start to eat properly to fix the damaged I caused in paradise.

I'm going to have to restart the phase 1 part of the IBS healing diet. This time, I will keep certain carbs such as brown rice, because I really lost too much weight that I didn't need to. Mexico has helped in that respect too.

All in all I've had a wonderful time and have met some terrific people. Reality will bite, but I think I'm on a much healthier path where I'll eventually be able to eat as I please in a moderate manner. Taking probiotics has seemed to be an integral part of not totally screwing up the repairs that I'd started. I did have to rely on Senekot S twice.

For those that are curious, at Stuffed Ashes I will review the resort(s) I stayed at during my trip. It was a superb adventure, and much more of an adventure than we'd planned, which turned out to be awesome.

Hasta Luego!

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