Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 20 no cheese, day 8 IBS healing diet

Yesterday was the second day that I was technically off the IBS diet due to a work trip. That being said, I tried really carefully to still try and abide by most of the rules.

For breakfast, all that was available were croissants of different types. The platter was decorated with 3 strawberries, and I managed to take one. I also had a coffee with sugar in the morning. Midway through the morning, I was quite hungry. If you can recall the Dempster's Healthy Way squares that I used to eat regularly, well, I still have about  of them left. They are expired, but don't smell or taste bad. I've been hanging on to them for emergencies. They're just dry. At least, I think that's the only thing wrong.... :I

I ate one of those mid morning because I'd forgotten my probiotic. You need to eat with probiotics, so that's why I did so.

I just realized something. I messed up. Last night, I'd written about the meals I'd had that day, instead of the prior day. Woops! I had been drinking :I
So the meals I had yesterday, was what I'd written about last night.

In the salad that I'd chosen for dinner, I added sun dried tomatoes. I didn't think of that at the time, but I don't think they fit within the guidelines. The other bad thing I ate yesterday was that one huge chocolate chip cookie, and I never mentioned the little mousse dessert square I'd eaten after lunch.

I've been trying to recap my meals again from yesterday, because for the past 3+ hours, I have been having extreme sharp pains in my lower abdomen and I don't know why. Was it the 3 glasses of wine? Was it the cookie, the cake, my sugar black coffee, or the white bread I was forced to eat? I don't know... it just really sucks, and I don't have any Advil to 'de-flame' anything. I could also be that my body's trying to release the last bit of "poison" still had in those intestines. I still don't feel 'normal' or 'empty'. I really hope this pain goes away soon. My lunch today was slightly better health-wise, and I did not have dessert, nor did I have any sugar in my coffees. I should probably forgo the coffee altogether as per the rules, but it's never hurt me before.

Still in lots of pain. I will tell you about what I ate all day today- tomorrow. Sorry I messed things up and technically didn't tell you about one day's eating habits. They were not that great actually, but not horrible.


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