Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today, on the ball

Okay, so it's been taking me much too long to get both back into this blog, and back into the phase 1 of healthy eating. I'm slowly but surely doing that 'diet' thing again, but it's much tougher this time around. Maybe because I don't have a reward at the end? Who knows.

Since returning from Mexico I've tried to eat according to the rules. The only thing is that I haven't managed to let go of sweets. I've been sneaking spoonfuls(huge ones) of Nutella, eating dried cherries, a chocolate bar or two, and sugar in my coffee...

One other thing that I've decided to do, is not forgo brown rice. I need a little bit of carbs, I mean i got so skinny right before my trip, and luckily gained it back thanks to all the drinking and eating.

Yesterday this is what I ate:
Breakfast, a few strawberries, and a black coffee with sugar. Make that two black coffees with sugar, a friend did a Starbucks run at work. For lunch, I'd brought leftovers of the stir fry goodness I made the night before.
In the stir fry, I had chicken, almonds, sunflower seeds, and tofu I roasted in butter, red pepper, onions, green beans, bit of broccoli, bit of carrots, and tomatoes. Once all cooked, I separately cooked some brown rice. n my bowl I added avocado, and frank's red hot sauce for the ultimate dish.

I had leftovers of this again for supper. At night, I found a snickers bar in my suitcase from Mexico(from the free fridge mini bar), and I ate it. We brought back some delicious coconut rum, and I also made myself a drink with the coconut rum and ginger ale. Soooooooo delicious!

So that pretty much sums up yesterday's meals. They aren't so bad, other than the alcohol and sugar...
Another thing I need to get back into is the gym. I've done NO exercise whatsoever since returning. I feel really really lazy, and am getting soft.

Sorry for the stall in posting, I will try to keep it up again from here on out.

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