Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pizza went well

Sorry guys! I'm late yet again... So on Saturday I had two slices of pizza, AND, couldn't resist dessert which was a chocolate almond covered vanilla ice cream bar (like Häagen-Dazs). So yummy! I didn't really get any stomach pains right after like I normally would, and didn't over eat which was key. The next day my fruit shake and meals didn't "work", but I was back to normal by Monday.

Overall, not too bad of an experience, so at least I now know that I can on occasion treat myself. It is required for sure.

You just get so depressed not being able to eat cheese or bread. On Sunday I got my hair done, so I snacked on a lot of hummus and pita. I allow myself to whole wheat pita bread on occasion.

On Monday I went out for lunch at Mongolian Village. I love that place, and I definitely had ingredients(the sauces) that I'm not supposed to have. I just didn't eat too much of it and was fine.

Oh I've stopped drinking coffee this week, it's my new challenge. It's going pretty well so far. At least I'd only drink 1 cup per day. I've been eating tons of chocolate covered almonds to compensate though. :I

Oh another new thing this week is the addition to kiwi in my shakes. It's a fresh new taste.
Oh yesterday, you'll laugh. When making my morning shake, I grabbed my chocolate almond milk and proceeded to shake it up really well. Unfortunately for me, the lid was not on properly. I got chocolate milk EVERYWHERE, and this was in the morning before going to work. It was all over my favourite white blazer, all over the kitchen floor, counters, cupboards, it was a real mess, and not one you want to contend with in the morning. Ugh.

It was a bad start to my day yesterday but I just shrugged it off and laughed. It WAS pretty funny. Needless to say I was way later than usual to work, but, no one noticed, which was great.

Today I was too lazy to make a shake so I just brought my half of mini-watermelon to work and ate it with a spoon. Still works!

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