Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2 sin queso

Okay so I figured that it makes more sense to post the previous day's eating habits the following day, instead of waiting until late at night after I've finally done snacking. It just makes more sense.

Yesterday. Overall, not so bad.

It took me quite some time to brave the fridge yesterday, for fears of finding delicious cheesy tempting items. By noon I hadn't eaten breakfast or anything, so I finally went down to check things out.

I decided that it was too late for breakfast so I made up a healthy meal. I found some asparagus, chopped it up and fried it with a bit of butter. Then, I found some marinated deer meat.Don't hurt me! My husband's a hunter and the prior night I'd made hors d'oeuvres deer poppers to bring for my dad's birthday. I don't really condone hunting, but it's better to actually use the meat. So, where was I? Oh yes, I found the marinated deer steak pieces, and chopped up some jalapeno. I added that to the pan. I then added some extra frozen veggies, a bit of Imperial Blend, to be precise. I cooked up some brown rice(à la Bistro Express), then added that to the mix. Looking good, eh?
I finished it off with some sun-dried tomato pesto. Once all mixed together and served in my bowl, I added a small dollop of light sour cream.

Delicious! I was really happy, and on top of that, I'd made enough for another meal, so I had it again for supper.

Being Friday night, the food consumption was not over. We went out to a party, and other then large amounts of alcohol, there were snacks served. A HUGE cheese wheel of Brie. Costco sized. Thankfully, there were also crackers, whole grain tostitos, and two different flavours of hummus. Phew! I was saved, but it was very tempting to indulge in that cheese.

The only thing I did have, was two tiny crunchy cheesies, the kind that always come in the trail mixes. Two. That's pretty freakin' good, especially when alcohol is involved.

Today will be tough, because after a night of drinking, I always want to eat a bunch of junk. Cheesy cheesy junk.

Wish me luck!

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