Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 8 lots of pouting

I hate when I don't have enough time during the day to post... Such as today. By now, I've totally forgotten my hardships of yesterday. I'll think hard.

Breakfast. Coffee and yet again some more bird food. Are you surprised?

Well you shouldn't be. I haven't been to any stores since Day 6!

I also had a coffee. I tried to only have 1 spoonful of sugar. Heaping, that is. I cheat. But no cheese!!

Sugar is apparently horrible for IBS as well. Life really isn't fair, is it? I'm still eating sugar, the hell with it. I say 1 spoon less per week day is good.

Lunch time. Oh yes, I once again had leftovers from that great Asian stir fry I cooked up. It's all gone now. There was a bit left, but it became cut off as of yesterday. I don't like leftovers for more than 2 days. It was only a bit of waste, I think I'm still reasonable.

I went to the gym after work, finally. It had been a long while. Don't get me wrong, I'd still do the odd weights session in my basement, but my gym buddy was on vacation, so no cardio was had. I'm not one for gym-ming it up alone. Except of course in my underwear in my basement. My point about the gym? Well, I nearly passed out! I don't think I had enough protein or energy in me. I blame the lack of cheese.

Come dinner time, my husband brought home a cooked chicken from the grocery store so that we could have wraps. What was he thinking? I can't have a wrap without cheddar!? Just as I was unfriendly on the phone with him, said gym buddy offered the idea of tzatzicki. Hey! You know what? Tzatzicki sounded just about right. Plenty of flavour there. So I told him to get us some, but he's BETTER NOT get the kind that's made with sour cream. Eew. It has to be made with yogurt. Well. He couldn't find the right kind. So, after the gym, I made it home quickly enough to go right to the grocery store where I was sure he still was. Sure enough he just finished at the cash. I walked right to where I knew they had the yogurt kind, and picked it up.

I win!

So I had a whole wheat chicken wrap with tzatzicki, bok choy, avocado, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, and some grilled asparagus. It was very good I must admit.

I didn't have any snacks later that night. I was pretty grumpy over all yesterday evening. Not fun to be around I'm sure. I moped on how life sucks without cheese. I was more-so concerned with the fact that I'd never be able to convince my husband that I was allowed to have cheese again. He managed to reassure me otherwise. Somewhat.

I went to bed early, then had insomnia until 3:45AM. Note the late night post. It really wasn't pleasant, I totally jinxed myself with my "good sleep" comments the day before. I managed to put in a full work day today, and didn't stop, either. Let's hope red wine will do the trick for tonight.



  1. Now I have to go look up tzatzicki.

    Have you already eliminated gluten from your diet to see if that's causing the bloating? Sorry if I missed earlier talk of that... Yes, life without cheese must suck. I'm lactose intolerant and still eat it. Just has to be the kind that's aged longer. I've had to cut out a bunch of foods because of reflux, and I know how hard it is. I hope you figure out the cause soon!

  2. Wow, I'm shocked that you haven't heard of tzatzicki, it's such a delicious greek accompaniment to pita bread.

    I eat gluten free pasta, but no, I haven't cut out gluten overall. I don't think I've been eating a lot of gluten lately, but in any case, this evening I do feel much better. Reflux is not fun either. I get it too, but not too badly. My SO had surgery for it.