Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 6

Wow, I cannot believe that I've nearly made it a week! Technically since today is day 7, I pretty much have.

Back to yesterday. It seems too far away now. For breakfast, I basically only had time for my coffee and a few mouthfuls of bird food. I was really busy at work, so time flew right by. For lunch, I didn't bring anything, and didn't have the time to go too far, so I just went downstairs in our building to the little Chinese "deli", where they have some Chinese cuisine, and odd sandwiches. None of their food I'd consider to be good, but, when you're pressed for time, there are no other options without driving anywhere.

So I got myself a plate of Chinese veggies, chicken fried rice, along with two spring rolls. The only part I enjoyed was the spring rolls. The vegetables were essentially a crapload of strong onions, and the odd broccoli and carrot. Not very good at all. The rice was decent, but only after I added some hot sauce. I definitely didn't eat it all, other than the two spring rolls.

After work, I finally got myself to the grocery store. I bought a whole bunch of healthy items, including vegetables, spices, meat, stir fry sauces, avocados, and bacon; among other things. Those were the most notable.

So for dinner, I made a big stir fry with sugar snap peas, zucchini, sweet onion, bamboo shoots, bok choy, garlic, mushrooms, brown rice, and steak. I added thai peanut sauce, spicy szechuan sauce, and some coconut milk. The coconut milk was on special, but I think I know why...

Is it normal for you to open the can of coconut milk and see a buildup of froth that looks like whipped cream? Then to mix it together and for it to look like curdled real milk? I only added a tiny bit because of that, and didn't save the leftovers. Everything tasted fine, but I've no experience using coconut milk at home. I usually see it in a smooth consistent state(i.e at Mongolian village). Please let me know if you've experienced this with your coconut milk cans. I'd bought two, so hopefully the second one is good.

I can't recall having snacked at all during the evening. It's funny how your short term memory can disappear when you work hard(for once) all day. Oh yes! I'd also purchased some pumpernickel bread, and some roasted red pepper hummus and whole wheat pita bread. I definitely had a pumpernickel toast with real butter last night, AND, some pita and hummus. Actually, we finished the hummus in one sitting, so now I have nothing for the rest of my pita. (Note to self: do not share).

Would you look at that! I didn't even mention cheese. Until now. it helps a lot when you eat Asian which would never incorporate cheese anyway. I definitely still long for it, that's for sure.


  1. ACK! THis must be so difficult!!! Good for you though!! Will continue to read!

  2. Coconut milk in a can is disgusting when you open it. At least any I've ever used. It does look like it is chunky/curdled. Apparently you're supposed to stir it well.

  3. Oooooh I almost forgot! You have to try the PC brand masala hummus! It is honestly the best I've ever had.

  4. Thanks E!! Now I'll know not to waste my second can of coconut milk. I'll check out that hummus, too :)