Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 4 Bird Food

Another day of longing for cheese. I'd woken up fairly optimistic yesterday, because I knew we were going to go buy ingredients, etc to start supplying the home with decent food that I can actually enjoy.

My first meal was around 10:30AM yesterday. Since we still didn't have any options (at least as far as I'm concerned- foods that don't REQUIRE cheese), I decided to have my favourite snack for breakfast.

This favourite snack is a dip for tostitos. Multigrain tostitos. My dip of choice that I eat frequently whilst sitting in front of the tv in the evenings, consists of a whole avocado, mashed and mixed with salsa, light sour cream, and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I usually also add President's Choice chipotle hot sauce, but we had no more.

So that was my breakfast that was an anti-breakfast. I basically spent the day on the computer waiting for my husband to get home as he had plans that day. It wasn't a complete waste of time, for I managed to find numerous recipes, and wrote myself some detailed grocery lists.

I didn't eat anything else while at home. Once he was home and after a nap, we decided to get out into the frigid cold, and go to both the grocery store, and Bulk Barn. It was around 4:15PM by then, so we were both starving. We first went to Bulk Barn and I got a whole multitude of various bird food. I got myself some sesame seeds, Pepitas(shelled pumpkin seeds), rolled wholegrain oats, barley, sliced almonds, roasted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apricots, dried currants, flax seeds, and a few other seeds etc that I cannot remember right now.

After our Bulk Barn trip we were both extremely starving. So, we decided we would go to the Mongolian Village for an early dinner. Thank God! I love the food at Mongolian village, and nothing involves cheese, so it was perfect. I got just the boost I needed.

Here's what I had in my stir fry served on sticky rice(from memory): red onions, mushrooms, lots of bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, zucchini, shitake mushrooms, 3 dumplings, Australian lamb, sunflower seeds, soy beans, lots of garlic,Thai Peanut sauce, hot sheshuan sauce, hot black bean sauce, lots of coconut milk, and another sauce which I cannot remember. Mmm. At the table I added some Hoisin sauce and a few sprinkles of hot sauce.

Once we left the restaurant and had to walk around the shopping center in the freezing cold to meet up with our car at the grocery store, we were both too lazy to do said groceries. So, I still don't have the foods I need at home, but I'll be taking care of that this evening.

Last night, I once again required a late night snack, so, I ate a lot of my bird food, which wasn't too bad, AND, I once again prepared my mixed dip above. As you can see, I'm fairly obsessed with avocados too, which is totally fine thankfully.

On to my cheese-free meals today which I'll tell you about tomorrow.


  1. I was going to suggest trying to find some curry recipes! I. Love. It. And it definitely doesn't require cheese of any kind.

    Oh - and the granola at Costco is delicious. It's in the baked goods section and is $9.99 for a giant container. Great as a snack or even to have as part of your breakfast.

    I also love this following smoothie recipe: 1 cup skim milk (or soy/rice), 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 banana (chopped, frozen), 1 tsp honey (or 1 packet of sugar sub/sugar). I often add BeneFibre to the shake as well, but that's just because I try to get as much fibre as possible.


  2. I know exactly what granolas you are referring to. My friend always buys some for her cottage every year, and yes, they are great. Thanks for reminding me.

    I should be able to try that smoothy, although I'll be omiting the peanut butter...hihi peanut butter is one of hte only things I don't like.

    Thanks blondvixen :)

  3. No problem!

    If you don't like peanut butter try making it with 1% chocolate milk instead of white milk. Might give it some more flavour!

    Hang in there - there are lots of tasty alternatives to cheese (though, I am a cheese I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be!). Try not to concentrate on what you can't have/what you're missing and focus on how great and tasty so many other foods are. I'm watching my food intake in general, so that's what I try to focus on. Otherwise, I'd become incredibly depressed...