Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 1 sans fromage

So day 1 was actually yesterday, so I will write two posts today.

Seeing as I have been suffering for years with IBS-C, and absolutely love cheese, why the heck am I doing this now? I had been doing fine for nearly 2 years thanks to these Dempster's Healthy Way snacks which I would eat each and every morning. The bastards discontinued them last month.
So, not being strong enough myself to make this decision, it was my husband who finally said 'that's enough'. Enough complaining. Enough hurting myself and constantly battling with sharp stomach pains to the point where it has affected both of our lives.

This is my struggle. Let's hope I can be strong enough to do this. You have no idea how hard this is for me. I add cheese to everything. EVERYTHING. What's the point of eating a sandwich now? What about pasta? No more grilled cheeses, no more eggs(I cannot have any eggs without having cream cheese on my toast, or an omelet WITH cheese in it). Those battles will have to come later when I attempt to try foods I've formerly NEEDED cheese in. Not yet. I just can't.

So yesterday. After a difficult night right before bed, and a long talk with my husband, it was determined that I should actually give up cheese. At least for a period of 6 months. I think I grew to accept this throughout the night, because in the morning I was feeling okay.
I haven't been a big breakfast eater during the week, so the morning was really no different than any other morning. I had my coffee with three milks and sugar, then had a Fiber bar. I really don't think that these fiber bars work very well, but they taste good and have lots of chocolate in them.
For lunch, since this new non-cheese diet was a last-minute decision, I had a microwaved Indian food dinner. It was okay. So my day yesterday by that point still didn't' feel like I was giving anything up yet. Nothing I ate would have previously required cheese.

On to supper. It was my father's birthday, so we went to my parents for dinner. They served us tacos. TACOS. A food that has always required cheese, and not just a bit of cheese, a huge amount of cheese. Thank god they also had guacamole on the table, because I would have died. I did it. No one actually noticed that I didn't put any cheese in my taco. This surprised me. My family all knows how obsessed with cheese I am. The tacos weren't that bad, but, I certainly didn't enjoy them like I normally would have, but the good part is, I did it. For dessert we had the usual Betty Crocker birthday cake. I had a little glimmer of hope secretly inside, because I knew I'd be getting cheese through the icing. My mom always(As do I) puts cream cheese in her icing. Well wouldn't you know, my my mom actually didn't have any cream cheese, didn't bother going to the store, so the icing had no cheese! You should have seen the smirk on my husband's face. He so knew I thought I was going to get away with it. Evil.

So that's it! Day 1 of no cheese had come and gone. I am at home today, so let's see how I make out because there is a ton of cheese in our fridge...


  1. NO MORE CHEESE?? I understand why, but you poor thing! The world is so much better with cheese (ok, I realize I'm not helping).

    Can you have any dairy?

  2. I'm not supposed to have any dairy, but I'm starting with cheese for now. It's my real problem unfortunately. :(

  3. Ack. I send you much sympathy. :)

    I'm currently considering trying to eliminate some things from my diet in an attempt to figure out what's going on with my stomach issues, but man, oh man, I imagine it's going to be hard. Your strength is admirable! :)