Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shake-up Wake-up

So this morning I had quite the interesting experience...

As you may know, every day, I prepare myself a fruit shake before work. I'll typically use watermelon, strawberries, and some frozen cranberries. I then add some various vitamins for a healthy boost. (Side note: I cannot stress the importance of watermelon if you have any incontinence issues- it works!)

Today's shake included watermelon, raspberries for a change, and mondo genetically enhanced(assumption) strawberries the size of my left fist. I say left because thanks to a childhood injury, my left arm/hand is a bit smaller than my right.

In addition to the above fruit, I usually also add some of my chocolate almond breeze. Well today, when taking my vitamins out of the cupboard, I saw the Omega-3 capsules and thought: why not add that to the mix?

Why not indeed.

Well, my first taste test/sip this morning went like this:


FISHY!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!!! FISHY!!!!!!!!

If it wasn't the most disgusting aftertaste I have ever tasted, especially after a fruity start. SO GROSS. The worst part has to be the fact that I still forced myself to drink most of it, because I need the morning shake effects(i.e shake up my insides, yo!). The essence of fish just lingers and lingers, it is horrible.

I chugged it Survivor-style as much as I could without gagging, then proceeded to drink as much coffee as possible thereafter.

I will never make the mistake of adding Omega-3 gel capsules to anything else EVER again. Do not do the same thing!!

I'm starting to really get grossed out all over again writing this, because I'm currently trying to eat my lunch (leftover stir fry - Chicken, zucchini, red peppers, green peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, almond slivers, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Then I added avocado and Frank's Red hot sauce once re-heated)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well I sort of fell off the wagon regarding discussing my eating habits. While I have NOT gone off the wagon with the actual habbits, I grew bored of always stating what I eat as it's nearly always the same thing. How boring? Even so, I appologize because I've seen some of you returning only to find that I've not updated in over a month.

I'm still not eating any cheese. It really sucks, but to be honest, I don't really notice or crave it much anymore. What I really miss are condiments. Mmmm PC Chipotle sauce, mmmm ketchup, and mmm mayonaise. Oh how I miss you all. I also miss Subway, I miss McDonalds, and I miss pizza. Goat's cheese is tremendously missed as well. :( My husband always manages to keep me on track unfortunately (but thankfully).

My dinners are typically delicious at least. I swtich up the fresh vegetables, choose a meat (usually chicken or steak), cook it all in teh wok with butter, then add almonds and other various nuts.(Note that I always cook the chicken seperately then add it). What I have refused to abide by is the full on 'no carbs rule' because I definitely lost weight that I did not need to lose. I've gained it back now, so I eat my stir fries with brown rice, and occasionally treat myself with brown rice pasta. To my meals I also usually add avocado and Frank' Red Hot sauce. I love flavour, so I'm very thankful that Frank's uses natural ingredients.

When I don't feel like making another stir fry, I'll usually have a filet of fish, either haddock or Sole because I like the mild flavours, then have steamed veggies on the side.

I also sneak chocolate covered almonds at work.

Even though our groery bills have been higher with all the fresh ingredients, and the odd organic microwave dinner (Amy's Brown Rice Bowl and Amy's Gluten Free Lasagna), we've been saving by not eating out anymore. Eating leftovers and hot meals at work is always pleasant, but unfortunately has me constantly working at my desk without taking any real breaks other than the trip to the microwave. Oh well, productivity is good I guess.

The probiotics seem to be the main cure for my IBS in addition to my early morning fruit shakes. I find that on weekends, when I don't have a shake quite as early in the morning, or instead, opt for the allowed scrambled eggs, nothing moves in my intestines, lol. I just don't get it. Why can't I have a normal system!??

I've slacked on taking the vitamin C all the time and the Glutamine, but when I remember I add it to my shakes even though I'm supposed to have it on an empty stomach. Whatever.

That's pretty much all that been going on, and I have been keeping up to date again with Stuffed Ashes.

Thanks for listening,